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The VVM-DYV-3K0W1A provides the essential high voltage and presicion elements of a dual-channel bidirectional converter for automotive 48-V and 12-V dual battery systems.
Dual-channel differential current sense amplifiers and dedicated channel current monitors achieve typical current accuracy of 1%. Robust 5-A half-bridge gate drivers are capable of driving parallel MOSFET switches delivering 500 W or more per channel. The diode emulation mode of the synchronous rectifiers prevents negative currents but also enables discontinuous mode operation for improved efficiency with light loads. Versatile protection features include cycle-by-cycle current limiting, overvoltage protection at both HV and LV ports, MOSFET failure detection and over temperature protection.
3KW 48V – 12V LDC
100-V HV-Port and 65-V LV-Port Max Ratings
1% Accurate Bidirectional Current Regulation
1% Accurate Channel Current Monitoring
6Phase interleaved
Higher efficiency at light load
Active air cooling
Automotive Dual–Battery Systems
Super-Cap or Battery Backup Power Converters
Stackable Buck or Boost Converters
Block Diagram

  • Size : 181 x 247 x 61 (mm)
General Specifications
Description Specifications
Operating Voltage Boost Mode 6 ~ 17V
Buck Mode 24 ~ 58V
Output Voltage Boost Mode 11.8V ~ 15V
Buck Mode 24 ~ 54V
Power Rate Buck Mode 3KW
Buck Mode Peak 3.5KW
Boost Mode 1KW
Efficiency Buck, Boost MAX 97.3%