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IT Solution

Informatization team provides internal and external
customers with stable cooperative infrastructure by implementing integration,
standardization, and systematization of each part in accordance with
five key periods of the system.

Global SCM
PLM Product Lifecycle Management
Standardization of development process (improvement of development efficiency)
Construction of integrated development environment (leveraging of knowledge)
KPI (Q, C, D) with Dashboard
Management of design changes and production
Interface between each standard information system
ERP(Headquarters) Enterprise Resource Planning
Accuracy of integrated sales plan and demand forecasting
Operation of integrated MPS and MRP
Procurement of material visibility
Integrated purchasing, enterprise manufacturing, and order control
Enterprise management and financial settlements
ERP(Overseas corporation) Enterprise Resource Planning
Acceptance and management of customer F’CST
Sharing information on sales plans, the establishment of MPS with the headquarters
Implement of integrated outcomes of MRP (manufacturing and purchasing)
Performance management compared to purchasing and manufacturing plans
Utilization of information on inventory of corporation and enterprises
SCM Supply Chain Management
Procurement of supply visibility (FCST, RTF, DO)
Improvement in accuracy and speed of purchasing and procurement
Improvement in the response ability to Emergency procurement
Real-time analysis of supply balance
Optimization of demand and supply system
MES Manufacturing Execution System
Synchronization of receipts and disbursements to each ERP, MES
Proprietary process management with the application of interlock
Obtaining the ability to perform quality analysis and tracking
Maintenance of facilities in an optimized condition with PM
Real-time monitoring of manufacturing and production fields
EIS Executive Information System
Profit and loss at each worksite
Enterprise purchasing and sales
Information on sales plans and accuracy of plans
Integrated inventory information and days of inventory
Normalcy, management, insoluble, non-performing inventory