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Wireless Charger For Mobile Device

Charging can be performed in inductive mode in which the electric current of a transmitter coil generates electromagnetic induction to convey power to an adjacent receiver coil, and in resonant mode which uses the resonant frequency between transmitter and receiver coils to convey power.
Passed WPC Qi Standard
High efficiency charging (70% or higher)
Provides FOD
Product feature

  • Supply contract with Hyundai Mobis
    Accessories for Santa Fe/MaxCruz
    Satisfies HKMC EMC Product Standards, first in Korea
    WPC “qi” Certified Product
    Foreign Object Detection (FOD)
  • wireless2
    Developed 15W PTU
    Capable of charging multiple devices
    Free positioning
    PTU Resonator A4WP class2, 3
SYSTEM diagram
  • wireless3
  • INDUCTIVE(Image courtesy of WPC)
  • wireless4
  • Resonant(Image courtesy of AirFuel Alliance)
Product Line-Up
NO Item Mobile AutoMotive AirFuel Alliance
1 Design  wireless05 readyIn Development
2 Model Name EP-P100 WCi-1100 SantaFe/Maxcruz
3 Technology Magnetic Induction Magnetic Induction Magnetic Induction Magnetic Resonance
4 Standard WPC 1.1 WPC 1.1 WPC 1.1
5 Frequency 110 ~205kHz 110 ~205kHz 110 ~205kHz 6.78MHz
6 Power 5V/2A 5V/2A 12V/1A 12V 1.5A
7 Dimension 90 * 160 * 11.5 90 * 167 * 12 174 x 137 x 26.3 TBD
8 Weight 120g 100g 350g TBD
9 Color White Black & White Black
10 Certification WPC qi, KC, CE, FCC WPC qi, KC WPC qi, KC TBD
Item Mobile
Design wireless05
Model Name EP-P100
Technology Magnetic Induction
Standard WPC 1.1
Frequency 110 ~205kHz
Power 5V/2A
Dimension 90 * 160 * 11.5
Weight 120g
Color White
Certification WPC qi, KC, CE, FCC
Item Mobile
Model Name WCi-1100
Technology Magnetic Induction
Standard WPC 1.1
Frequency 110 ~205kHz
Power 5V/2A
Dimension 90 * 167 * 12
Weight 100g
Color Black & White
Certification WPC qi, KC
Item AutoMotive
Model Name B8F76-AC200
Technology Magnetic Induction
Standard 112KHz ~ 205KHz
Frequency -30 ~ 60℃
Power 12V 1A
Dimension 174×137×26.3㎣
Weight 350g
Color PC
Certification Black
Item AirFuel Alliance
Design readyIn Development
Model Name
Technology Magnetic Resonance
Frequency 6.78MHz
Power TBD
Dimension TBD
Weight TBD
Certification TBD